Our Grand Facial Oil is derived from plants and provides you with Moisture, Antioxidants, Anti-Inflammation, and Radiancy

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This stuff is liquid gold in a bottle! There are an incredible nine (!) different oils blended together to create this blockbuster serum. A couple drops massaged into your face is all you need for skin to feel incredible. The oils contain properties to help reduce inflammation, promote radiance and rejuvenation, and increase protection. The lovely scents of geranium and ylang-ylang provide a hint of aromatherapy.


For my combination-dry skin, I look to incorporating oils in my skincare to help lock-in hydration on my skin surface. Face oils are one of my favorite heavy-duty remedies and the Grand Facial Oil created by J Bloom Cosmetics is one of my favorites. I use this 2-3 times as the last step during my PM routine.


LOVE! I’ve worked at Sephora for more than a year now and have tried most every oil they sell. Although I still love other oils. This one is my favorite because it does everything! I’ve struggled to find one that wasn’t too heavy for my skin and caused me to break out. This is the first one I can use as my moisturizer or a treatment. I’ve also tried mixing it in with my matte foundation to give a more hydrated look. I’ve been so impressed with every aspect of this oil! It’s so lightweight. Not to mention the ingredients are so good for you! Okay. I’m done ranting lol. I’m just so impressed.

Rae Bennett

I LOVE my Grand Facial Oil from J Bloom Cosmetics. I have been using for a few months now and my 47 year old skin has never looked or felt this good! I went on a vacation last week and did not bring my Grand Facial Oil with me because I did not want to chance the bottle breaking. Instead I used samples of some high end moisturizers and skin WAS AWFUL! I have been back three days and have been slathering my face with Grand Facial Oil, my face has been soaking it in and feels So Much better! You have to get yourself a bottle today! Thanks J Bloom Cosmetics!

Jenny Morrill Martin

Must-Have new favorite thing! I didn't know this would be a game-changer. I just saw it, and thought 'it might help where other moisturizers have failed'. What I got was skin that looks visibly younger, even without makeup, because it helps me retain the moisture that makeup tends to take away, plus I have an autoimmune disease that, because of the medicine, tends to dry my face, making me look older. This oil is honestly a must for women over 40. Treat yo self! This works, and you can actually pronounce the ingredients.


Delivers! I have combination skin - very oily in the T zone, but dry in other spots. My skin hasn’t really absorbed oils I’ve tried in the past (different Sephora brands), and I figured I’d try this one since it has a completely different blend. This oil melts into my skin in less than a minute! It doesn’t make my face feel greasy or heavy, only soft, fully hydrated, and smooth. Even just a few days in, I noticed that my skin is significantly less oily and yet so moisturized. Highly recommend


I love this face oil! I have sensitive skin and it doesn't irritate my skin at all!

Emily Men

This product is wonderful! It makes my face feel soft and smooth. It also really soothes my skin. I love J Bloom Cosmetics Grand Facial Oil and highly recommend it!!