From Jordan

I grew up with my fair share of troublesome skin. I had acne so bad at times that I was too embarrassed to leave my house. One thing I thought would help and I really enjoyed was to have a good skincare routine; however, no matter what products or combination of products I tried, it would always seem to back-fire on me with breakouts, irritation, and blotchiness. I never understood why my skin was so sensitive. Plus, on top of having sensitive skin, having a pale complexion means I can’t hide anything!

Thus, the research began! I wanted to create products that my skin would finally accept! I wanted ingredients that I knew were good for my skin. Natural, plant-based ingredients, vegan, and cruelty-free! Ingredients that I could slather on my face and body without worrying if there was an ingredient that was bad for me. Not worrying about understanding the long list of ingredients on the back label. I also wanted to know where the ingredients were sourced from.

Creating J Bloom Cosmetics® has always felt right to me. It allows me to connect with people from all over the world to give them confidence in who they are, both inside and out. I want them to feel good about the products they use. I want them to be happy knowing that there is a company who is transparent with their ingredients and provides open communication with them.

J Bloom Cosmetics' Founder, Jordan Miller

"Search for that flicker of light that draws you near, that instills happiness throughout your being. Bring forth and enhance that flicker with individualized reasoning knowing you found what you were meant to do.